Tanning Treatments

Tanning Treatments are becoming more & more popular. The sun-bed also called the tanning-bed fulfils the main purpose of catching up on some instant sun for a golden tan and also a good dosage of the very much needed vitamin D.  The tanning bed can be used to create a gradual feel good tan, deepen your current tan or as a maintenance tan.

A golden tanned skin always looks good and there are a few important factors that go into looking your best: A trendy wardrobe, a fit body, great looking hair, white teeth, and a golden tan. And the sun bed allows you to get your fast tan at any given time of the day or night.

There’s a bit of stir going on about how sun beds can cause cancer but we all know too much of anything has its repercussions. Likewise the sun bed entails its indirect adverse effect but not under a vigil watch.

4 Tips to build a gradual golden tan using tanning treatments:
– Before using a sun bed get to know your skin type
– Visit 2 -3 times a week to temper your skin, your tan will begin to deepen after 3 – 5 sessions
– Have a gap of 36 – 48 hours between sessions allowing your tan to fully develop
– Use the timer to make sure that you are not getting too much exposure in a single session. About 20 minutes per session is sufficient.

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Recommended Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning has become so competitive and therefore a matter of great pride for Strategic Services is that around 40% of all new business comes from customer recommendations as they are often exceeding customer requirements and needs.  Strategic Services is busy every day with a variety of business which include cleaning: offices, factories, banks, retail outlets, showrooms, public houses, hotels, restaurants, cinemas/theatres, government buildings, schools/colleges, sports clubs, leisure centres, social clubs, surgeries and nursing homes across the UK.


Being a cleaning company which offers a flexible service we follow your specification on how/what cleaning requirements you have and find that most clients at the beginning of the tender will make small changes or one off variations which they are happy to do.  Following the successful quotation for office cleaning work, written instructions covering all aspects of the contract are agreed with the client, and made available to all the staff assigned to that contract. Regular meetings are held with the customer to check the progress, especially in the early stages of a new office cleaning contract.


Strategic Services offers:

  • Trained staff.
  • Excellent after sales service.
  • Monitoring System in place


Strategic Services covers the following areas:

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VoIP Systems

Swyx is becoming more & more popular over the last five years since the concept of VoIP has fully matured with voice quality now exceeding that of an old-fashioned analogue phone connection. Most businesses are at least aware of the technology, even if they haven’t tried it yet. However, VoIP or IP telephony is really just the ‘glue’ that sits behind a far more exciting and wider-reaching technology known as unified communications (UC).


Reduced costs, support for flexible working, better service…

Regardless of your motives to adopt UC this will simply increase productivity and improve service for customers.

Never miss a call or opportunity

For example, we have one customer that has offices located across the world, so they using unified communications to manage incoming calls to be answered by whichever location is ‘open’, providing an around the clock service for its customers.

Key business benefits of unified communications:

• Reduced annual maintenance & telephone line costs
• Support for remote/mobile working so workers can be reached via a single number
• Improved customer service with speedier response and integration with back-office systems such as CRM
• Reduced property overheads with virtual office approach
• Centralised reception for multiple sites
• Save on travel expenses & improve collaboration with built-in video calling & audio conferencing
• Presence information so you can see which colleagues are available
• Fast-track routing of high value calls
• Business continuity –users can login and take/make calls from any location

For a free consultation on how swyx can help your business visit www.knowall.net/swyx

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Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing and Relationship Therapy are just two of the many alternative therapies offered at Buty Salon’s two branches: Hammersmith & Fulham.  These two beauty salons are run by Mal and his wife Sam.  Mal is a qualified massage therapist with 20 years of experience in body work and also knowledgeable to 21 different styles of massages. He treats sexual dysfunctions instigated by deeply rooted problems. Mal has helped to release many women from their negative emotional restraints and open a new gateway of self-actualization. As Mal says, “Tantric bodywork is my passion”.


His clients are through word of mouth and many of whom are thousands of women around the world.  Mal also travels around the world sharing and teaching, his knowledge on Tantra through presentations & master classes. Despite the harsh social judgment on the sexual arena, Mal has been able to retain his clients through sincere dedication.


To find out more about Sexual Healing & Relationship Therapy contact Mal at Buty Salon.

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Winter Boots

Boots, Boots, Boots…

With the nights drawing in and the temperature dropping now’s the time to make sure you’ve got the right items to help you wrap up warm.

We think that it’s best to build things from the ground up, so there’s no better place to start looking then our exquisite range of winter boots.

This super-comfy pair of “Foxy Snug Boots” will keep you defended against the winter chill and with their stunning design and handcrafted finish they make the perfect striking addition to any wardrobe. Foxy boots come in a choice of four colours – Walnut Brown, Black, Oatmeal and Chestnut Brown – so there’s something to suit every taste.

You can also keep the younger ones toes toasty with these Baby Snug Boots or Kids Snug Boots. Made with 100% A Grade Australian sheepskin upper and wool lining you can be sure that those little feet will stay warm all day long.

There’s also a great selection of the finest suede boots, like these stylish Brown nubuck boots. Made from the finest materials and with a thick leather sole that’s perfect for winter, they show that just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable!

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Planning a Funeral

Q Why should I choose your funeral plan?
A Because the Funeral Directors listed are family owned and provide the highest standards of personal funeral service.

Q Are you regulated?
A We are Registered Providers with the Funeral Planning Authority and abide by their code of practice.

Q What are the other funeral expenses?
A They are fees paid by the Funeral Directors to other people, including Doctors, Ministers, Churches, Crematorium and Burial authorities.

Q What happens to the money I pay for my funeral plan?
A. All monies, including the Membership Fee, are paid over to the HSBC Trust Company (UK) Limited, the Custodian Trustee.

Q How can I be sure you will still be available when I need you?
A. The funeral is guaranteed by Lodge Bros. (Funerals) Ltd., established as Funeral Directors since approximately 1780.

Q What happens if I die whilst away from home (eg visiting family or friends on holiday or on a business trip)?
A. No problem. All plans cover transportation costs from anywhere in England and Wales to your selected Funeral Director.

Q Is the fixed price still guaranteed if I die before completing the payment instalment plan?
A Yes, provided the outstanding balance is paid prior to the day of the funeral.

For more information on funeral directors Londonfuneral services London and undertakers London contact Lodge Brothers.

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Converting a Loft

As builders in London we are working in Clapham for a lovely customer who had some bad experience with cowboy builders and she was left with a house where there was not one room to live in. Her refurbishments took so long she had no kitchen or bathroom facilities. Our first step was to make the house habitable again, then did a ground floor extension and refurbished the entire property.  Some of the home renovations we did included installing new bathroom, kitchen and decorating the entire property. Our electrician rewired the entire house, fitted under floor heating in the bathroom; our plumber installed new pipe works, fitted new radiators in every room of the house.  As loft conversions are another service we offer, we have started this in her home as well.  For more information on refurbishments in London please visit our website.  We offer the following services:

Home ExtensionsBathroom RefurbishmentKitchen RefurbishmentHouse Renovations.

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Surplus Equipment

At IBS we are always interested in purchasing good quality surplus blowers or vacuum pumps.

If you have any such machines available please contact one of our team as shown on the right.

Money or services offered for any salvageable Dresser XLP blowers.

We have the following Dresser Blower sizes in stock:

Dresser HR 80OM Dresser HR80 11 DRESSER HR80 12 DRESSER HR80 13 DRESSER HR80 20
DRESSER HR80 72 DRESSER HR8073      

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New Funeral Directors London

Funeral Directors London have now opened a new branch in Walton-on-Thames.

The new funeral home at 65 High Street, Walton-on-Thames will be managed by Robert Lodge, a seventh generation descendant of James Lodge who founded Lodge Brothers in 1780. He will be assisted by experienced Funeral Arranger Ann McMurray who is moving from the Lodge Brothers branch in Esher.

As undertakers London the new premises have been refurbished into comfortable & informal surroundings.  Part of which include a Chapel of Rest and a private meeting from for families to discuss funeral arrangements.  They provide all funeral services London.

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Christmas Gift Fairs

The Travelling Souk’s Christmas gift fairs give you the chance to do all of your Christmas shopping whilst at some of the country’s most idyllic locations. We’ve been running our Christmas gift fairs for nine years now, so we’ve got the know how to ensure that you’ll come away satisfied. Our stallholders have great gifts suitable for all the family and they’ve all been chosen because they fit The Travelling Souk slogan: The A-Z of Chic Boutiques.

There have already been six Travelling Souk events this year and throughout November there are nine more Christmas gift fairs to go. We’ll be in Hampshire, in Gloucestershire at Sudeley and Thyme at SouthropNorfolkWiltshireAscotOxfordshire,SuffolkDorset and at the  Sandown Park Christmas Festival– all of them sure to be buzzing with people looking for unique Christmas presents.

For savings and guaranteed entry to any of these events visit our Christmas Gift Fair calendar and book online, or call us on 01865 82185.

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