Flexible Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning is very important in maintaining a good office images for your business.  Regardless of what size office you have Strategic Services can develop an office cleaning plan for you, whether it be office buildings, retail or industrial premises.


Their office cleaning programs are designed specifically to meet their clients requirements as they have experience in office cleaning and cater for the smallest business to the largest corporation. Being flexible in their work allows them to customise their office cleaning to the clients requirements and work outside normal office hours such as weekends and evenings.

They offer:

  • High quality service.
  • Trustworthy cleaning operatives.
  • Professional service.
  • Fair price.


Strategic services offer their office cleaning in the following areas:

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Unique Christmas Gifts

Here at The Travelling Souk we love the festive period as it gives us a chance to share all of our unique Christmas gifts. Picking the right present for someone can be hard, but with our range of wonderful Christmas gifts no matter who you’re shopping for you’ll always be able to find something special at The Travelling Souk.

Of course at this time of year Christmas gifts for children may well be the first thing you think of, and we’ve got a wide range oftraditional toys to choose from. So you needn’t worry about sulks on Christmas morning.

Christmas gifts for men can always be tricky, so how about this Hanging Weekend Washbag? Ideal for storing all of those male grooming products. We’ve also a gorgeous collection of Christmas gifts for women such as this beautiful Cashmere Glitter Shawl. It’s so warm and soft it’ll make whoever’s lucky enough to receive it desperate to wrap up against the winter weather.

Speaking of wrapping, we think that after all the taught you’ve put into buying presents, it’s important to make whatever’s nestling under your tree look special, and with this selection of Christmas ribbon they certainly will.

I think that covers most of the bases… Just make sure you’ve got your Christmas tree decorations taken care of too.

As well as shopping online for our unique Christmas gifts, you can also find them at The Travelling Souk Christmas gift fairs. If you’ve never been to one, they’re a brilliant experience. Find and buy presents from our stallholders and get all your Christmas shopping done in one place! Take a look at our gift fair calendar to see when we’ll near you.

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Energy management for your company

Energy management is the monitoring of energy use and the identification of areas where energy can be saved, creating a blueprint for an efficient energy management solution.

aM&T (automatic Monitoring and Targeting) is the most effective way of discovering and analysing energy consumption and waste. aM&T is essential, as it provides you with the necessary data now required for adhering to carbon legislation such as CRC EES, CCA, EU ETS.

aM&T with RUMM consists of three components:

  • a sub-metering system
  • automatic collection of data from the meters at a pre agreed timeframe (RUMM Pulse)
  • analysis of the data in order to identify consumption, costs and savings (IBASS)

RUMM offers a full Energy Management Solution to create bespoke energy management packages guaranteed to give you a reduction in your business energy usage and costs.

In addition, the effective use of an energy management scheme will give you a reduction in carbon emissions and assist you with the existing EUETS, CCA and new CRC legislation.

Based in South Wales, RUMM’s effective Energy Management Solution is guaranteed to manage your business energy more effectively.

With its advanced systems, experienced Energy Account Managers, expertise and knowledge in all areas of carbon emissions and government legislation and its ability to create bespoke energy reduction solutions, RUMM can work in any location from the UK to Europe and the USA.

If you are daunted in any way by the pressure facing businesses to reduce carbon emissions and improve their energy management then contact RUMM today to arrange a site visit. Our aim is to offer a return on investment in 12 months – in some cases this has been 6 weeks.

Energy management – a solution you can’t afford not to take.

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Unique Gifts for Men

It is sometimes difficult to find interesting and unique gifts for the men in your life. We are all bored of buying socks for Dad, slippers for Grandad and a new tie for the hubbie at Christmas. So we thought we would give you a few examples of the unique gifts for men that we have here at The Travelling Souk. This Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Shaving Soap is extremely luxurious against the skin. It creates a smooth lather which soothes and moisturises the skin and the fragrance is just delicious. The unique aspect of this product comes in the form of the beautiful wooden bowl that the soap is packaged in. For only £16.00 this would be a luxury present that any man would greatly receive.

If it is a younger man that you are looking to buy a unique gift for; possibly a son or nephew, this GBR Wash Bag will go down a treat! It is made on the Isle of Wight from genuine recycled sail cloth making it hard wearing and practical. It looks great too, with nautical style appeal it is a perfect gift especially with the 2012 Olympics approaching rapidly!

To view more gifts for men click here

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