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Commercial Architects

Commercial Architects in London DBLO have clients in all sectors, from offices to retail space to premises with mixed use. DBLO believe that the quality and design of the working environment is critical to the well being and productivity of staff.

In a recent job our commercial architects did some remodelling and interior work of two floors.  The first floor was designed to created three large casting studios, with an associated “green-room” for studio users.  For more on this job visit their website:

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Funeral Services

Funeral Directors London, Lodge Brothers, are recommending a new and local Bereavement Counselling service to bereaved families and friends.  This funeral service London has been set up to provide a helping hand to local people when they need it most.  By contacting undertakers London or any of their other branches you can get their bereavement counsellors details.

For more information visit their website:

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Semi Permanent Make-Up

Semi Permanent Make-Up is perfect for the festive season that we’re approaching as it doesn’t run or smudge, but it will stay perfect for you from dusk till dawn. Using state of the art technology and mineral pigments to complement you hair colour and skin tone together we will define and enhance your facial features including eyes, lips and eyebrows.


Choose from a gorgeous selection of eyeliner treatments for example; the only way to combat the dreaded ‘panda’ eyes after a dip in the pool. From the subtle eyelash definer to a thicker, more dramatic look together we will also choose the perfect finish and ensure you go through the festive season looking your best.


Combine this with a teeth whitening treatments and eye lash extensions and you’re sure to sparkle the end of year function.

Contact Buty Salon now to book your treatments!

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Energy Management Team

Recently RUMM have welcomed several new members to their Energy Monitoring & Management team.  They welcome Jamie Wertheim, Luke Williams, David Powlesland and James Carberry.  These new members will work closely with clients to ensure their energy management and energy legislations are being addressed, achieving carbon reduction and using carbon trading. Jamie will more specifically work with the energy management software for customer support and data management.

For more information, visit their website:

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Tanning Treatments

Tanning Treatments are becoming more & more popular. The sun-bed also called the tanning-bed fulfils the main purpose of catching up on some instant sun for a golden tan and also a good dosage of the very much needed vitamin D.  The tanning bed can be used to create a gradual feel good tan, deepen your current tan or as a maintenance tan.

A golden tanned skin always looks good and there are a few important factors that go into looking your best: A trendy wardrobe, a fit body, great looking hair, white teeth, and a golden tan. And the sun bed allows you to get your fast tan at any given time of the day or night.

There’s a bit of stir going on about how sun beds can cause cancer but we all know too much of anything has its repercussions. Likewise the sun bed entails its indirect adverse effect but not under a vigil watch.

4 Tips to build a gradual golden tan using tanning treatments:
– Before using a sun bed get to know your skin type
– Visit 2 -3 times a week to temper your skin, your tan will begin to deepen after 3 – 5 sessions
– Have a gap of 36 – 48 hours between sessions allowing your tan to fully develop
– Use the timer to make sure that you are not getting too much exposure in a single session. About 20 minutes per session is sufficient.

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Recommended Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning has become so competitive and therefore a matter of great pride for Strategic Services is that around 40% of all new business comes from customer recommendations as they are often exceeding customer requirements and needs.  Strategic Services is busy every day with a variety of business which include cleaning: offices, factories, banks, retail outlets, showrooms, public houses, hotels, restaurants, cinemas/theatres, government buildings, schools/colleges, sports clubs, leisure centres, social clubs, surgeries and nursing homes across the UK.


Being a cleaning company which offers a flexible service we follow your specification on how/what cleaning requirements you have and find that most clients at the beginning of the tender will make small changes or one off variations which they are happy to do.  Following the successful quotation for office cleaning work, written instructions covering all aspects of the contract are agreed with the client, and made available to all the staff assigned to that contract. Regular meetings are held with the customer to check the progress, especially in the early stages of a new office cleaning contract.


Strategic Services offers:

  • Trained staff.
  • Excellent after sales service.
  • Monitoring System in place


Strategic Services covers the following areas:

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Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing and Relationship Therapy are just two of the many alternative therapies offered at Buty Salon’s two branches: Hammersmith & Fulham.  These two beauty salons are run by Mal and his wife Sam.  Mal is a qualified massage therapist with 20 years of experience in body work and also knowledgeable to 21 different styles of massages. He treats sexual dysfunctions instigated by deeply rooted problems. Mal has helped to release many women from their negative emotional restraints and open a new gateway of self-actualization. As Mal says, “Tantric bodywork is my passion”.


His clients are through word of mouth and many of whom are thousands of women around the world.  Mal also travels around the world sharing and teaching, his knowledge on Tantra through presentations & master classes. Despite the harsh social judgment on the sexual arena, Mal has been able to retain his clients through sincere dedication.


To find out more about Sexual Healing & Relationship Therapy contact Mal at Buty Salon.

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Energy management for your company

Energy management is the monitoring of energy use and the identification of areas where energy can be saved, creating a blueprint for an efficient energy management solution.

aM&T (automatic Monitoring and Targeting) is the most effective way of discovering and analysing energy consumption and waste. aM&T is essential, as it provides you with the necessary data now required for adhering to carbon legislation such as CRC EES, CCA, EU ETS.

aM&T with RUMM consists of three components:

  • a sub-metering system
  • automatic collection of data from the meters at a pre agreed timeframe (RUMM Pulse)
  • analysis of the data in order to identify consumption, costs and savings (IBASS)

RUMM offers a full Energy Management Solution to create bespoke energy management packages guaranteed to give you a reduction in your business energy usage and costs.

In addition, the effective use of an energy management scheme will give you a reduction in carbon emissions and assist you with the existing EUETS, CCA and new CRC legislation.

Based in South Wales, RUMM’s effective Energy Management Solution is guaranteed to manage your business energy more effectively.

With its advanced systems, experienced Energy Account Managers, expertise and knowledge in all areas of carbon emissions and government legislation and its ability to create bespoke energy reduction solutions, RUMM can work in any location from the UK to Europe and the USA.

If you are daunted in any way by the pressure facing businesses to reduce carbon emissions and improve their energy management then contact RUMM today to arrange a site visit. Our aim is to offer a return on investment in 12 months – in some cases this has been 6 weeks.

Energy management – a solution you can’t afford not to take.

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Unique Gifts for Men

It is sometimes difficult to find interesting and unique gifts for the men in your life. We are all bored of buying socks for Dad, slippers for Grandad and a new tie for the hubbie at Christmas. So we thought we would give you a few examples of the unique gifts for men that we have here at The Travelling Souk. This Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Shaving Soap is extremely luxurious against the skin. It creates a smooth lather which soothes and moisturises the skin and the fragrance is just delicious. The unique aspect of this product comes in the form of the beautiful wooden bowl that the soap is packaged in. For only £16.00 this would be a luxury present that any man would greatly receive.

If it is a younger man that you are looking to buy a unique gift for; possibly a son or nephew, this GBR Wash Bag will go down a treat! It is made on the Isle of Wight from genuine recycled sail cloth making it hard wearing and practical. It looks great too, with nautical style appeal it is a perfect gift especially with the 2012 Olympics approaching rapidly!

To view more gifts for men click here

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